Claim Your Business Directory Listing

Download the Procedures Here

One of the benefits of being a member of the California Association of DUI Treatment Programs is a free listing on the website.

The updated association website includes a new directory with enhanced search capabilities. Potential customers can search by location, county, zip code, business name and even by map. The directory system now includes a Claim Your Listing feature for CADTP member businesses.

With Claim Your Listing, you can update and add key information to your business listing including:

    • Business name
    • Type of programs offered (18-month, 30-month, first offender programs)
    • Address, phone, fax, Email, website, and County
    • Add links to your social accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Website RSS feed
    • Upload photos
    • Add a business description. (This is a great way to differentiate your program!)
    • Hours of operation by day or week
    • Date established
    • Tags

This is a great opportunity to drive more business to your DUI Program!

Read the instructions below on how to Claim Your Listing by registering for an account on the CADTP website, accessing your dashboard, and updating your listing. Download a hard copy of these procedures at the button above.

Registering for a CADTP Account

You must have a registered account to Claim Your Listing.

1. Click My Dashboard in the upper right corner of the website.

2. Register for an account in the Registration form. Please use a business email when possible.

    • Enter username
    • Enter email
    • Enter password
    • Re-enter password
    • Solve the CAPTCHA
    • Press Submit

3. Check your email. Follow the link to verify your account. If you have trouble with this step, contact (email) for assistance.

4. Login to the website.

    • Go to My Dashboard in the upper right corner of the website.
    • Enter your login information into the Login form.
    • Solve the CAPTCHA
    • Press Submit

5. The Dashboard will appear on the screen after logging in. There won’t be any listings in your Dashboard because you now must Claim Your Listing.

Tip: If you make a mistake and then don’t see the CAPTCHA box, refresh your browser until you see it before trying again.

Claim Your Listing

1. Go to Find a DUI Program and find your listing.

2. Click on the listing. Press the yellow Claim Listing button. If the listing has already been claimed, the button will not appear in the listing.

3. The Claim Your Listing text box will appear on the screen. Enter your name and job title and why you are claiming the listing.

4. CADTP will receive an email of the claim and approve your listing. You will receive an email when your claim is approved.

Claim example

The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides access to your claims and listings. You can also change your password, delete your account, and log out. (Please log out when you are finished with your session.)

To View or Edit a listing, select Listings from the left menu. A list of all approved listings will appear. Click the gear next to the listing you want and select Edit.

Listing Options

Once your listing is on the screen, you can update and add content to make your listing stand out.

One of the most important things to do is update the Listing Description field. You can add as much content as you like including media and links.

Make sure the Visual Tab and the Toolbar Toggle (shown) are selected so you can see all the formatting tools available.

Updating the Address

Enter the address in the text box above the map. For more options or to enter longitude and latitude for precise location, check the Enter address details manually box.

A few other things you can do to make your listing stand out…

  • List types of programs offered by selecting up to three categories (18-month, 30-month, first offender programs)
  • Upload photos (256 MB limit)
  • Link to your social accounts
  • Add your business hours
  • Add descriptive tags