I Got a DUI, Now What?

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I Got a DUI, Now What?

CADTP DUI PROGRAMS are here to help you satisfy the court and DMV requirements.

A credentialed DUI Program will help you regain your driver’s license, which equals freedom, and learn how to never get a DUI arrest again.

A DUI Program will help you:

    • Explore your use of alcohol and/or drugs and understand your risks.
    • Learn how to keep yourself and others safe when you are drinking or using drugs.
    • Reduce the chances that you will drive after drinking or using drugs.
    • Make better choices about alcohol or drug use.


Online DUI programs will promise you that if you pay them, you will get back your license. That is never true in California! There are no legal online programs for California DUIs!!

What Happens After Your Arrest?

After your arrest and conviction, the Court or DMV will send you to a DUI program.

  • You must enroll by the date the Judge gives you so that the DUI program can tell the Judge (and DMV) that you are enrolled.
  • The DUI program has to tell the judge if you do or don’t get enrolled by the deadline date, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest for not following the judge’s order
  • The DUI program will tell the DMV you are enrolled. DMV may then let you have your driving rights back.
  • You complete the DUI program and get a certificate of completion for the Court and DMV.

Remember these Steps: 1. Conviction • 2. Referral • 3. Enroll • 4. Attend • 5. Triumph • 6. Exit

Follow these steps and CREATE a new beginning in your life! Every CADTP DUI program will let the court and DMV know when you enroll and when you complete. The programs are also required to tell the court and the DMV if you don’t enroll or if you don’t complete the program, which leads to more problems.

What to Expect

CADTP DUI Programs include private sessions, group sessions, and classes. We will help you look at your use of alcohol and/or drugs and make healthy, safe choices for your future. We know you don’t want to hurt yourself or others or get arrested again!

How long is a DUI program? It depends on how many DUIs you’ve had, if someone was injured or killed, and how much you had to drink or use. The judge will refer you to one of these programs:

  • 12-Hour education only (under .08 BAC)
  • 3-Month First DUI Program (.08-.15 BAC)
  • 6-Month First DUI Program (.15-.19 BAC)
  • 9-Month First DUI Program (.20 BAC or greater)
  • 18-Month Multiple DUI Program (More than one DUI in the last 10 years)
  • 30-Month DUI Program (More than 2 DUIs in the last 10 years, or someone got killed)

For more information visit or www.dmv.ca.gov.

CADTP does not provide legal services or legal advice. For legal services or advice, you should contact an attorney.