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The California Association of DUI Treatment Programs is a non-profit organization formed as a partner to its Member Organizations to promote the understanding and protect the integrity of the California DUI System through advocacy, education and collaboration with Legislators, State and County officials and other community stakeholders.

The CADTP Board of Directors and CADTP Organizational Members are working together to ensure that California’s DUI treatment programs are recognized for their successful contribution to public safety and have a future in the continuum of care.   Your membership will help ensure the continuation and improvement of the DUI system.

Only California State Licensed DUI treatment programs can be members of CADTP. Membership dues are set so all programs, big and small, can afford to be a member of this important association.

Application Criteria

Any agency or organization which operates a state-licensed driving under the influence program in the State of California is eligible to apply for Organizational Membership in the California Association of Driving-under the Influence Treatment Programs (CADTP). Any agency or organization that has more than one licensed DUI program (licensed or satellite) must enroll all of its programs.

Please Note: CADTP reserves the right to reject incomplete or false applications and to request additional information in reviewing a specific application.

Membership Privileges

  • CADTP’s “Find a DUI Program” on the website assists to refer potential client to CADTP Organizational Member DUI programs. Each day CADTP receives emails or phone calls inquiring about DUI programs from potential clients, we always refer to a CADTP Member program in their area. Organizational Members will be listed on the CADTP website for broad access by potential clients with the option to display their company address, phone number, e-mail, website, and logo, and social media links.
  • Organizational Members receive DUI legislative and regulation news and updates from CADTP that may have a direct impact on DUIP operations. CADTP has an active and professional lobbyist firm; Joe A. Gonsalves & Son, to represent us with the legislator. CADTP Legislative Committee reads all SUD related bills in providing feedback on those that have the potential impact on the DUI Program system, this includes author meetings, conference calls, and wording suggestions. CADTP continuously monitors upcoming bills and contacts/meets with legislators on any bills with potential impact/benefits for DUI Programs.
  • Organizational members receive discounted pricing for CADTP sponsored functions.
  • Organizational members are eligible for membership benefit programs including free or group-rate reduced cost access to consultants who are versed on current and proposed legislation, including laws that may affect a DUI business, state regulations that govern the DUI Programs, and employment issues.
  • CADTP contracts with AG Management Consulting, LLC to manage its administrative and executive functions, ensuring that the CADTP business is professionally ran and is positioned to provide its members and certified counselors with enhanced services.
  • CADTP Board of Directors have active members on the California’s Coalition of Counselor Certifying Organizations (CCCO), DHCS Behavioral Health Stakeholder Advisory Committee (BH-SAC), California Strategic Highway Safety Plan Committee (SHSP), DCHS DUI Perception and Education Standards Workgroup.
  • CADTP distributes the CADTP 10-page booklet The California Driving Under the Influence System & Programs. This booklet is for CADTP Organizational Members programs to customize with their individual program information and distribute to their local stakeholders.
  • CADTP distributes the CADTP 2-page informational The California Driving Under the Influence System & Programs. This 2-page informational is a condensed version of the 10 page and is available to CADTP Organizational Members.
  • CADTP distributes the Find a DUI Program booklet to lawyers and other stakeholders which contains contact information for all the CADTP Organizational Member DUI Programs.

Membership Dues

The authorized dues structure for Organizational Members is based on the number of new admissions in the agency’s driving-under-the-influence program(s) each calendar quarter. The method for calculating the dues is on the reverse side of the application form.

Application Instructions

Complete the application and forward it with your check for the full amount determined by completing the calculations on Page 2 of the application.

After your application has been reviewed and approved, your designated representative will receive your agency’s membership certificate, as well as future correspondence, invitations, and other information.

All new CADTP members receive a welcome package with CADTP membership collateral and a digital badge. You can proudly display your CADTP membership badge on websites, social media, or anywhere online!